WordPress 3.0 upgrade

I’ve just upgraded all three of my blogs to WordPress 3.0. Please let me know if you experience any interruption of service.

WordPress 3.0 is nicknamed “Thelonious,” after the great jazz musician Thelonious Monk. Monk’s artistry was exceptionally creative, despite (or more likely because of) his apparent mental health issues. Hopefully WordPress 3.0 does not import insanity along with its innovations. If you’re supersititious at all, you won’t be comforted by the fact that 3.0 is also the 13th major release of WordPress.

When upgrading, I always do a test run first on a site that I maintain for testing purposes. For the first time since 2.0, the upgrade required me to delete some files first (it’s a recommended practice that I usually ignore). This time, I couldn’t get to the admin after uploading the new files. But after deleting wp-admin and wp-includes and reupping them, it all worked. YMMV.

We now resume our regularly scheduled programming. Today it’s C++.

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