No Qwestion

Up until December, I was pretty happy with Qwest. Even though we could only get 1.5/1.0 over DSL here, we got it reliably. Then all of a sudden, it went down the tubes — or rather, it stopped traversing said tubes. Service failed about a dozen times in December, and was down for as long as eight hours each time. They were having trouble with a DSLAM. That’s understandable, and I retained my patience until about the fifth or sixth time it went down.

I checked into 4G wireless Internet, but here on remote Bainbridge Island it just isn’t ready for prime time.

As much as I hate even remembering my past history with Comcast, I decided to use them for Internet service. I’ve had it for about a month now, it hasn’t gone down yet (knocks on head) and I’ve only had to recycle the modem twice. Best of all, I reliably get 14/6 or thereabouts, which saves me a lot of time working with remote clients.

I finally turned off the Qwest DSL line today. The email confirmation contained this image at the top:

I think they may be right.

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