Intelligent spam

With a title like that, you might think this post more properly belongs on the head lemur’s blog, which bears the title “raving lunacy – oxymorons for the 21st century”.

Lately I’ve been receiving more spam comments on this blog, many of which get past Akismet, that attempt to read like real comments. They make general observations about the wisdom of the post, or complain about some technical problem. That’s probably why they elude spam filtering, because they sound germane — although a human (like I pretend to be) can quickly recognize that they don’t address the topic of conversation at all. They usually occur on older, high-traffic posts, too. So I delete one or two of these per day.

Today I happened to notice this one:

In case you aren’t viewing images (or can’t make it out), the comment reads:

I will tell fairly … the first time has come on your site on purpose “clever spam”.  But to write that that close on a theme it is necessary to read. Has started to read – it was pleasant, Has subscribed and with pleasure I read. Very to be pleasant your site – interesting The maintenance, pleasant design for reading …

Ironically, Akismet caught this one.

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