Betting Options With Poker Chips to Avoid in Blackjack

Somehow, you need to know the important thing in Blackjack of gambling online instead of betting without understanding things to avoid.

Many people choose Blackjack to play because it has the lowest house edge and it is almost 0%. Who doesn’t want that advantage? The lower the house edge is, the bigger chance to get the highest return. However, there is also something you need to avoid in this situs poker online and this is the insurance bet because the house edge is so high and you can’t get the guarantee to win this game with poker chips even though you try so hard to win the game and you still get disadvantage.

Why You Have to Avoid Insurance in Blackjack

It is not only your life that needs insurance but in Blackjack, some players might need insurance. However, insurance in this game gives you the high house edge and if you keep playing it, you will get disadvantage. Not many people understand the use of insurance and also when they can use the insurance. If the up card of dealer is an ace, then she will ask you if you want and need insurance. This is called as the side bet on whether the dealer has 10 in the hole or known as the natural 10.

This bet really has the high house edge so it is better for you to avoid it when gambling online using Blackjack with poker chips as your main game. You must not take it at all. Meanwhile, when the dealer will show the ace and you might have the natural Blackjack inside, the dealer may offer you the term “even money”. It is another way to make you take the insurance and you have to refuse the offer. You will not take any insurance and also even money at all. You just need to keep playing as you always do anytime.

Even money will work at the worst time. For example, you have about $10. If the dealer may show the ace and you have natural Blackjack but you take the even money, the dealer may pay you the same amount which is $10 and after that, it is over. You will get the guarantee of $10 no matter what the dealer holds. If you reject the even money, you will get the payment around 3:2 or about $15 as long as the dealer doesn’t hold natural Blackjack. You may push but you win nothing when the dealer also has natural.

The Payout of Blackjack Table You Must Avoid

Most dealers including players think that players should take guarantee or insurance or even money because it can give payout. If you refuse this feature, then you may risk the winning. You will miss about 69% of your time while dealer has no natural at all and you may get the payout around 3:2. It makes up your time when you push and you will get nothing. The fact is, the insurance’s house edge is more than 6%. Somehow, many people are not so confident to refuse the even money in this game.

Perhaps most people will accept it because it is the dealer who suggests it and dealer knows everything for the sake of the players. However, you will enter the trap because most dealers are trained so hard to deal the game but it doesn’t mean that they know about odds. Most dealers never cracked the book or the website related to the game. You also need to choose the table that will pay you more on the game. No need to think about high prize when you don’t know what is good for you.

At several tables, the natural payout might be 6:5 and not 3:2. It will make the odds become 4 times worse than before. It means, you can lose the money 4 times faster. That is why, it is better not to choose 6:5 of the payout on certain table. It is easy to see this payment on Blackjack tables and most people who don’t know will choose it because they want to get much money. When you only play with single deck on Blackjack, then you can choose 6:5 payout but when you play with several decks, it is better to choose the normal payout for your safety.

If you are really willing to place your money on 6:5 game, you need to realize that the more players choose it, the more likely the situs poker in may convert the remaining games to high payout. For your own safety, you need to choose the normal payout at least 3:2 without going more for your own safety.


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